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The kitesurf school and the spots

Learn and progress

The kitesurf school Villa Aloha has an adapted structure to beginners and confirmed kitesurfers. A storage and rinsing area is available. The kitesurf equipment for lessons and rent is recent, in good condition and regularly checked.

The site of Patos concentrates a large variety of spots. Most are within walking distance; for the more distant - a little more than one km - the buggy of the hotel picks up the kitesurfers as well as their equipment.

Lessons are taught by an experienced IKO instructor and with material suitable for initiation. The school chooses at each outing the most appropriate spot according to the tides and the level of each. During their course, beginner kitesurfers evolve in shallow water and flat water. The conditions are very secure and allow an optimal progression.

Confirmed kitesurfers benefit from supervised sessions, help with launching and landing, assistance in case of difficulty, for a ride with confidence.
The diversity of the spots makes it possible to organize the sessions according to the expectations of each one and to make each ride unique.

Rich in varied landscapes, the brazilian coast is an invitation to downwind. It's a real nautical hike, let yourself drift for kilometers, and finish the day with a typical dish in a straw hut at the water's edge.
Downwinds and various trips are customized and organized at the convenience of each.


  • Hotel

    Night with breakfast :
    - Room 1 guest : 160 R$
    - Room 2 guests : 250 R$
    - Room 3 guests : 300 R$

    1€ ≈ 4R$
  • Kitesurf

    Lessons :
    - Group lesson (3 students max) :
      100 R$/hour/pers
    - Private lesson  (on demand) :
      150 R$/hour

    Day rental :
    - Kite : 150 R$
    - Board (surf or twin-tip) : 50 R$
    - Kite + board : 200 R$

    Storage :
    - 100 R$/week/pers

    1€ ≈ 4R$

The spots and the wind

- High tide and half tide, an arm of sea more than 3 km long and 200 m wide is formed. It offers an ideal setting for learning and freestyle.
- Ocean side, two wave spots are drawn by the sandbanks, they will delight the surfers from mid-tide at high tide.
- At low tide, the sea is calm and sheltered by a sandbar. The flat and shallow water is perfect for courses and freestyle.
- A freshwater lagoon located 4 km from the pousada invites you to ride in an exceptional natural site and in the company of wild horses.

The wind is side-on shore; ideal orientation for beginners who have the necessary space to evolve and are, in case of difficulty brought back to the edge. The possible boards lost at sea are found on the beach.

The reputation of the wind in the Northeast of Brazil is well established. From July to January, a breeze of 20 to 30 knots blows daily on the coast. From February to June, the rainy season is established. The windy days are spaced and the wind is closer to 15 knots.