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Welcome in Patos

Villa Aloha invites you to discover its kitesurf school and beach hotel and and to relax in an authentic Brazil, in a friendly and warm structure, dedicated to kitesurf and escape.

It is 200 km north-west of Fortaleza, towards Jericoacoara that you will meet this jewel of nature and pristine spots.

In the middle of white sand dunes, mangrove and sandy beaches, Villa Aloha invites to a change of scenery and well-being.

In this paradise preserved from tourism and swept by the trade winds, life follows the rhythm of nature. The sound of the waves and the swaying coconut palms rock your stay.

kitesurfing lessons 100R$ private or group

Discover the lagoons, the idyllic beaches, the hot water, the steady wind of the trade winds and learn kitesurfing in a relaxed and tropical atmosphere.
From discovery to advanced training, coaching and supervised sessions, our courses are suitable for all levels.

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room starting from 160R$ suite facing the sea

Treat yourself to a relaxing stay in an elegant pousada with pleasant rooms, a restaurant / bar and a kite club.
Abandon yourself to a siesta in the shade of coconut palms facing the calm dunes and escape in this exotic paradise between lagoon and ocean ...

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Brazil, one of the best kitesurf spot of the world

Brazil offers dream conditions for kitesurf. The air at 30°C and the water 28°C offers you the pleasure of riding in shorts all year round. The mythical wind statistics of the state of Ceará, located in the Northeast of Brazil have led to become an essential place for kitesurfing.
The trade wind, combined with a daily thermal breeze produces a wind of 20 to 30 knots constant from July to January and comes to flow over the 10km of the open water bay of Patos. The side-on-shore orientation generates a steady wind and is ideal for both safety and comfort of navigation.

It is in the heart of this beautiful coastline that is the small village of Patos and its paradise bay, tailored to the practice of kiteboarding. The meeting of the ocean and the Rio shapes an huge spot for water sports that varies at every moment. Each session is unique.
Opposite the hotel are diversified kite spots offering flatwater for courses and freestylers and a nice small swell for surfers.

Riding on the lagoon of patos

Upwind of the pousada, the estuary of the Rio creates large sandbanks between which form shallow water lagoons for almost 2km. The spot is magic, you ride on flat water, with the mangrove in the background and are alone in the water. It's provide magical riding sensations, adrenaline and allow kitesurfers in body drag or in advanced lessons to ride and progress easily.

Quality teaching method provided by qualified instructors brings the beginners to learn to kite upwind and become advanced riders in complete safety. In these local conditions, learning kitesurfing becomes easy, secure and fun.

Flat spot

Flat spot

Your tailored stay kite

Our school provides courses, supervised riding as well as the organization of different kite trips in buggy on the various spots of Patos and around. Unleash new spots through a downwind along the Brazilian coastline. The kite club offers rental equipment for advanced riders with kitesurf sizes adapted to wind conditions.

Villa Aloha organizes your custom stay kite with a discovery of the beaches and spots of this little Brazilian paradise. Whether you are on a beginner lesson, starting to stand up, doing your first jumps, freestylers, freeriders or waveriders, using twin tip or surfboard, Patos will offer you a unique kitesurfing experience.

Villa Aloha is a small beach hotel also called "pousada" in Brazil. It has charming bungalows facing the sea whose architecture is based on the orientation of the wind and the sun for maximum comfort and well-being. Each room has its own shaded terrace and private garden.

The kite school is on site and provides everything every rider needs: outdoor shower, storage, rinsing area ...
A few meters from your room, you have access to your equipment, setup and go kitesurfing!

The pousada has a bar and lounge area where you can relax between sessions, enjoy a caipirinha and debrief your last trick at sunset.

Room with terrace

Room with terrace

At lunchtime, the hotel's snack bar serves salads, paninis, açaí (delicious tropical berry) ... and after a nap in your hammock, you're ready to an afternoon session.
In the evening, you will enjoy traditional Brazilian dishes in the pousada's restaurant and at the beach shack just a few steps away, where you can eat your feet in the sand. Seafood, fish and exotic fruits are on the menu and offer you a delicious taste journey.

Traveling is also the opportunity to discover a new culture. The kindness and hospitality of Brazilians who are enthusiastic about the exchange will undoubtedly mark your stay whether you speak the language or not.
Outings outside water activities can be organized. Horse riding and hiking on the beach and dunes, lobster fishing, will complement your stay.